We hope our game can give you a good time for play.

Pet Connect: Tile Puzzle Match

Google Play

Pet Connect is a puzzle matching games with a variety of cute theme pictures.

Parking Order 3D: Move Car

Google Play

Parking Order: Park cars strategically in order. Brain test puzzle parking games

Rocky Land

Google Play

Defend against endless waves of monsters.

Castle Raiders - Tower Defense

Google Play

Build your own castle! Try to survive waves of angry monsters!

We wish to make some Games that you will have Fun Playing with it.

Nobody is bored when we are trying to make something games that can bring a good time to people.

We alway try to create games that you can play.

The Games
We have made

True Knight: Tower Defense RPG

You can become a commander and summon legendary heroes to defeat and save your kingdom.

App Store Google Play

Castle Rivals

Build your own castle! Try to survive waves of angry monsters!

Google Play

Joy Bomb

Join the fun online multiplayer game! Place bomb and run with other players.

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For Fun
We alway want to make games that you can have good time to play.
Easy To Play
Make games is not easy, but it should be easy to play.
Our Dream
We have a dream that make some games have millions people have good time to play.


Contact Us

Wizigon will remove all associated data as well as game data of users who have signed in to the game using OAuth method upon request. If needed, send an email to wizigon@gmail.com, in which please include the following information:

  • Game name
  • Player name (shown in game settings)
  • Account Id (shown in game settings)
  • Username/email used for OAuth sign-in